Parade Four – the Illuminated Parade is Live!

Bridgwater Carnival

It’s arrived! The last Carnival in a Box virtual Parade of 2020 is here. This Illuminated Parade features Global Grooves, Route Canal Arts, Veronica White and Bridgwater Carnival.

This is a bittersweet moment for the Carnival in a Box team, but we hope to bring you another box of Carnival in 2021! And don’t forget to check out Bridgwater virtual Carnival 2020, which will be broadcast live on YouTube at 6pm on 7th November.

Carnival History is Live!

St Kitts Clown, Nottingham Carnival 2019, photograph by Tola Dabiri

The Carnival History page is now live! Click here to read about the history and traditions that shape Caribbean Carnival as we know it today.

Parade Three is Now Live!

We’re excited to present the third Carnival in a Box virtual Parade, featuring Sunshine International Arts, Rampage Mas Band, Tropical Isles, MaKING Carnival and Great British Carnival with Mandinga Arts and Mahogany. Click here to watch!