Carnival Parade

Carnival artists and performers talk about masquerading and parading as ‘going on the road’. Taking to the streets to celebrate tradition, culture and art is the climax of a year of planning, costume making and rehearsing for the Carnival bands that take part in these dazzling displays.
We have collected videos from across the country, sent to us by Carnival organisations, bands and artists, and made them into parades which celebrate the artistry and vibrancy of Carnival!

The Illuminated Parade is here, featuring Global Grooves, Route Canal Arts, Veronica White and Bridgwater Carnival!

Parade Four

Check out Parade Two, featuring New Carnival Company, Scandalous Mas Band, Cowley Road Carnival, Global Grooves and Nostalgia Steelpan!

Parade Two

We hope you enjoy the first Carnival in a Box Parade, featuring Elimu Mas Academy, Sunshine International Arts and Colin Spalding of Renegade Mas Band with Rampage Mas Band, with music by Pax Nindi. All of the footage has been crowdsourced from carnival artists and musicians across the UK, and so picture quality may vary! 

Parade One