Carnival Gala

Before annual Carnival parades, it is a tradition for the Carnival community to come together and display their costumes at an evening Gala. This can be a competitive affair such as a King and Queen competition, where the most breath-taking and elaborate costumes, made by the country’s best designers, compete for prizes. Or a Gala can be an opportunity for the bands to admire each other’s work, and to recognise the skill and dedication which has been shown by the community to bring another Carnival to the streets. Whatever the reason, Galas are a wonderful evening and we have made a virtual Gala here. So put your glad rags on, sit back and enjoy some incredible performances and spectacular art!

The fourth Carnival in a Box Gala features RASPO Steel Orchestra, Helen Davenport, RankKanKan for Cowley Road Carnival, Edson Burton for St Paul’s Carnival and Alexander D Great! 

Gala Four

We’re excited to present Gala Three, featuring Hughbon Condor (who is our most recent featured Carnival Artist), Elimu Mas Academy, Veronica White, Scandalous Mas Band and Pumpkin Jigsaw Carnival Band!  

Gala Three

We hope you enjoy Gala Two, featuring performances by  Myrle Roach, Colin Spalding, Wonderbrass, Veronica White, Dazee & Megatron and RASPO!

Gala Two

Here is the first Carnival in a Box Gala, featuring Myrle Roach, Rampage Mas Band, Alexander D. Great, Huddersfield Carnival and Nostalgia Steel Band!

Gala One