Featured Carnival Artists

Steven Hoyte

Steven became a member of the Rampage production team during 2001 with his technical understanding of mechanical things he was quickly able to pick up new skills required to produce carnival costumes of great stature and then excelled in the areas of frame building and wire bending.

He is highly motivated and a committed person who decided to pursue his career as a full-time artist working in the field of carnival arts in 1999. He regularly shares his skills with students, adult learners, schools and community groups who can use his unique skill to enhance their own art forms. This has taken him all over the world to deliver a wide range of workshops and activities including Denmark, Europe, Hamburg reconstructing costumes setting up exhibitions and delivering workshops to teachers and their local creative groups.

Back in 2009 Steven had the opportunity to work in Trinidad with international artist Stephen Derek building a costume that crossed the Savanna one of the most famous carnival stage in the world.

Steven has worked alongside many well-known and famous artists in the carnival world, community groups and carnival bands gaining great success and winning many awards.

His passion for Carnival and the celebratory arts sees these art forms as the key to enhancing community spirit covering all abilities age’s backgrounds and genders.

Steven’s costume, ‘Queen of De Pans’, is featured in Gala One. ‘The panist is surrounded by the bold colours – blue, yellow and gold – that complement the sky, sea, rising sun and the riches of the Caribbean. She stands proud, her ebony hands against the glistening golden drums holding her pair of pan sticks like ceremonial crosses. Jamming on de pans from east to west, the south and the north making tranquil music to entertain the colourful birds of paradise perched around her. Feel the rhythm, feel the beat, the masterpiece is now complete.’ – Rampage Mas Band