How to Make a Carnival Backpack

Let’s get started!

Music Soca Rhythm Soca Blues by Alexander D Great

A carnival backpack is a base used to support a carnival costume. They come in all shapes and sizes and are made from different materials depending what weight they need to carry. Some are really small and are made from card or corex and wire and some are bigger and made from stronger materials as they need to support larges-scale puppets or King and Queen costumes.

This backpack is designed to be easily made from cardboard boxes. The full version in this video will fit teenagers and adults and the small base on it’s own will support a costume for children.

You will need…

Cardboard boxes – remember to leave them for 3 days before use to make sure they are safe.
1 x glue gun and glue sticks
1 x craft knife
NB Not to be used by young children. If teenagers are using these tools they should be supervised by an adult.
Alternatively all activities can also be done with PVA glue and scissors
3 x Luggage straps and/or ribbon (you can always cut up old clothes to make straps)
A cutting matt or piece of wood or card to cut on

First measure and cut your templates.


Other useful measurements:

Well done! You’ve made your carnival backpack.

Check back soon to find out how to create a fantail for your costume!