How to Design Carnival Make Up

Let’s get started!

You will need…

Face Paints
1 x spray bottle
Make-up brushes
Wet Wipes
1 x craft knife
Acetate sheets or plastic wallets
NB Not to be used by young children. If teenagers are using these tools they should be supervised by an adult.
A cutting matt or piece of wood or card to cut on

Health and Safety

Make sure you’re wearing a mask when you apply the face paint for safety. Only apply face paint to members of your household.

Wash your hands before and after applying the make up and be sure to clean all the materials thoroughly.

Have Fun!

Step 1

Print the make up design template.

Step 2

Draw your design onto the template.

Think about choosing shapes that compliment your costume design. If you want you can use the design here by printing it and making your stencils from this design.

Step 3

Take your acetate or plastic sleeve and cut into small pieces.

Step 4

Using your permanent marker trace around the shapes on your design onto the plastic.

Step 5

Cut out the shapes using your craft knife to make your stencils.

Step 6

Fill your spray bottle with water and spray onto your make up.

Step 7

Apply make up to your sponge. Make sure it’s not too wet or too dry. Hold the stencil over the area of the face you want to decorate. Dab the make up over the stencil making sure to keep it still.

Let the make-up dry and then build up layers of different colours and patterns.

Step 8

To add glitter to your design take a small paint brush and apply vaseline where you want the glitter to stick. Clean the brush and then use it to add glitter to the vaseline.


You can re-use your stencils for more than one person. Make sure to clean them and the brushes and sponges between applications for safety.

Check back soon for ideas on how to decorate your costume!